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Outdoor activities
Concerts and festivals
Running and Cardio
Working out
Theme and Roller coaster parks
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Broken Phone? Lost wallet or keys? Don’t let this happen to you!

What Customers Have to Say:

Great Zip Pocket Shorts  – Author: Zack R.
 I use these for running 5k up to half marathons so I can carry my phone without one of those silly armbands or fanny packs. If you’re looking for athletic shorts with zippered pockets look no further! They work great for all around as well like playing basketball or just relaxing.

Good Quality and made well – Author: John S.
Stuff would fall out of the pockets especially when standing up, and some shorts don’t have any pockets at all!!! I searched on the web for “zipper gym shorts” and these were the first to come up. I ordered large shorts with zipper pockets in all three colors, and they arrived very quickly(2-3 days). The shorts look very well made, the material is very light and durable, and there are no signs of poor sewing(pieces of cloth coming apart, threads sticking out, etc). The pockets are quite large, I can easily fit my phone, its case, and my wallet in one pocket and my jangled mess of keys in the other. My keys, have snagged on other shorts, and torn holes in them, but that hasn’t happened so far with the shorts, there is nothing for them to snag on. I have other shorts were the pockets are too flexible, and when I run the stuff in them causes the pockets to stretch and stick out the bottom of the shorts, but the pockets on shorts stay in place better, and makes it more comfortable to carry things while running. With the quality they have, I believe they will last me at least 4 years even with heavy use. They cost a little bit more than some other gym shorts, but think about how much your phone, wallet, keys, and whatever else you put in your pockets is worth. The quality is there, and they even come with free shipping!

These Zipper Pocket Shorts Conquered Every Workout Author: Mike H.
 The shorts with zip pockets are good and comparable to other workout shorts. I picked up these shorts for a Tough Mudder run and working out. I had no issues with the zippers at all and withstood 12 miles of running and obstacles. The pockets were large enough to fit your hands, or in my case, several runner’s gels in.  Fantastic product, five stars.


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Why just wear clothing with regular pockets when you can wear clothing that has zipper pockets. showcases a variety of apparel that has zipper pockets. We search the internet on a regular basis looking to find the best brands offering zipper pockets clothing that you want! We compare the best contenders for each category and present it, in a convenient and simple way.  We spend the time to find the best zipper pockets clothing on the internet so you don’t have to.

Zipper Pockets are great for any event. If you are going to the amusement park this weekend, then why not make sure your belongings don’t fall out when you go upside down?  Have you ever been in a  race or went on a run and those pocket of yours just didn’t  do the job holding everything  inside the pocket. With zipper pockets your clothes are always secure. Doing sit ups at the gym and your phone keeps falling out? How about secure it with zipper pockets shorts. When you go to clubs, concerts, or a festival you will be jumping around a lot. Why not makes sure you don’t lose anything with zipper pockets!

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