Does a Posture Brace Work?

If you’re wearing something that’s literally pulling your shoulders back, externally rotating your arms, lifting your chest up and you wear it for eight hours then due to the reasons I just explained your tissues are going to adapt to the way the pec muscles are most of the time. The upper back is going to be a little bit shortened and it should help you maintain this position. Posture Brace helps keep the back straight.

Muscular imbalances cause tightness in certain areas and weakness in other areas are caused by a variety of different factors. Everything from your training to your work outs, to your emotional state.  There are a lot of things that can cause a muscular imbalances as well as other muscular imbalances downstream below the upper body.


I’m going to tell you what’s up about posture correction braces and shirts. I’m going to tell you if these things actually work or not?  This article is all about posture braces, posture shirts and other devices that you put on your body that are designed to improve your posture.

To begin, posture is something that is growing in public awareness and it seems like everybody nowadays has some concern about their posture, which is a good thing!

You should want to improve your posture! There are a lot of things out there in the posture marketplace. Everything ranging from different exercises to products like posture correction shirts and braces.

The focus of everyday is all about the posture.

Posture Corrector Braces are products that you can wear to counteract our adaption  to the positions that we hold them in for a long time. The soft muscle tissues get tight and what this means is basically if you are somebody that’s chronically in bad posture your back is rounded, and shoulders forward. Posture Brace

The Natural Posture - What is the correct alignment

For the tissues in the front of your chest your pec muscles, they’re actually going to adapt to this position and they’re going to shorten. Your back muscles are going to lengthen and become too long. Basically what happens when they’ve adapted is this leaves shortened muscle tissues that are going to make it really hard to get out of that position and go into a better postural position. This is because you’re always going to be fighting tension formed in here. Posture Brace

That’s the principle of tissue adaptation. Your body basically does whatever you hold for a long period of time. Your body’s going to adapt to that position. We can adapt to a bad position or we can adapt to a good position.  It really just comes down to which position you’re in the most.  Now comes the question, do posture correction braces or shirts actually work and the short answer to that is yes! Due to the reasons that just explained.


Those can also contribute to most postural issues higher up in the body. The hips, for example are known that if you have an anterior tilt of the pelvis meaning it’s tipped forward and your butt is kind of sticking out. We know that if you have this then your body is also going to want to develop what’s called thoracic psychosis.

Posture correcting brace

Which is rounding of the upper back. Rounding of the upper back is going to encourage your shoulders to fall forward. In this case, I want you to look at the shoulder posture as a symptom of a greater cause and that greater cause is more postural issues happening downstream at the level of the hips. You’re never really going to stop your posture problems and fix them for good in the long run unless you get down to those root problems, so wearing a brace for long periods of time will help tremendously.


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