Shorts with Zipper Pockets – 2018

Shorts with Zipper Pockets are rare to find. We search all over the internet and find you a plethora of choices. Pick from a variety of brands and choices. All shorts have zip pockets.

Men's shorts with zipper pocketsYoungLA  21.99 has many running shorts with several different colors. All shorts have two zip pockets. These pockets will fit your smart phone, wallet and keys with no problem. Feel secure when you are being active with these shorts. 9 different pairs of colors to choose from. 


splitterweb2Men's Outdoor sports shorts

Singbring Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking MountaineeringShorts – $19.77

  • The best feature is that they have zip up front and right rear pockets.

  • This enables you to carry your wallet, keys and cell phones through various terrains without fear of losing them.

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ZippySports Shorts with Zipper Pockets – $35.95mens short with zip pocket

They have a downward motion zipper which makes it easy to close and keeps phones, keys, etc secure until you want them to move. Made in the USA. Tons of reviews. Several color options.


Men's running shorts with zipper pockets


Men’s Fitted Shorts with two Zip Pockets $25.95

  • Moisture management technology wicks moisture away from the skin.

  • 2 side pockets with zippers (iphone/android size)


ARSUXEO Men’s Sports Two Zipper Pockets – $14.80

  • Two zipper pockets on each side
  • Several colors to choose fromARSUXEO Men's Sports Pockets Running Shorts _ Sports & Outdoors
  • Make sure to order a size or two bigger
    Review from michael malachowski:The shorts arrived 10 days from ordering, sooner than advertised, which is always a nice surprise. The material and stitching are good and there is plenty of room in the leg room for biking which is when I primarily use them. The colorful red sash down each side gives them a bit of pizazz and functions to allow evaporation. The zippered pockets work well, allowing me to carry a few items without fear of loosing them.I have a 34 inch waist and ordered size large. The elastic band allows them to stretch to fit and would go ever further if needed. On the other hand, the tension created by the elastic band in noticeable and I’d like a looser fit . I prefer using string ties ( which these shorts have) to tighten shorts to my comfort level, so next time, I’d order extra large and use the ties. .Once you get the sizing right, these are good shorts at a minimal cost. Quality, delivery, style and function are all up to par.

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Some Customer Reviews on Zipper Pocket Shorts:

Nothing falls out of my zipper pockets- Author: George 

The zippers are very high-quality. Zipit shorts are very soft and comfortable just the right length.  When my hands go in to the pocket the pocket can be a hair larger. Or I am just getting used to the sensitive part of my hand the backside scraping the zippers going into my pocket. But all that is worth it for having pockets that hold everything and do not fall down and get broke like a cell phone!

Highly Recommend these zip pocket shorts – Author: Mike H.

I did have a pair that a couple of the seams fell apart, but they sent me new ones quickly with no hassle.  These shorts are great.  They didn’t have the exact same ones (different color and weight) but I liked them also. I’ve had no problem with the seams in the second pair…..And they didn’t ask me to return the ones I originally ordered, so maybe I’ll pay to have the seams reinforced and wear them. I love the zippered pockets. I work outside in shorts and my pockets always have clients’ keys in the pockets. I can’t be losing keys so this keeps them safe and secure. They’re probably some of the most comfortable shorts I’ve owned – and I’ve bought so, so many types and styles. I recommend them highly.

Good Quality and made well – Author: John S.

Stuff would fall out of the pockets especially when standing up, and some shorts don’t have any pockets at all!!! I searched on the web for “zipper gym shorts” and these were the first to come up. I ordered large shorts with zipper pockets in all three colors, and they arrived very quickly(2-3 days). The shorts look very well made, the material is very light and durable, and there are no signs of poor sewing(pieces of cloth coming apart, threads sticking out, etc). The pockets are quite large, I can easily fit my phone, its case, and my wallet in one pocket and my jangled mess of keys in the other. My keys, have snagged on other shorts, and torn holes in them, but that hasn’t happened so far with the shorts, there is nothing for them to snag on. I have other shorts were the pockets are too flexible, and when I run the stuff in them causes the pockets to stretch and stick out the bottom of the shorts, but the pockets on shorts stay in place better, and makes it more comfortable to carry things while running. With the quality they have, I believe they will last me at least 4 years even with heavy use. They cost a little bit more than some other gym shorts, but think about how much your phone, wallet, keys, and whatever else you put in your pockets is worth. The quality is there, and they even come with free shipping!


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